But Those Guys Are On Drugs!

Just got of the phone w/some guy who asked if I “take” old records(still haven’t figured that one out, yet). I said I bought records if I thought they would sell. I asked what kind of records he had. Then I heard him repeat the question. A ¬†woman in the background yelled, “they’re The Golden Oldies.” He began to name off records like Wayne Newton, The Wizard Of Oz. etc., etc. I told him those kinds of records don’t sell. I told him I needed Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & Black Sabbath. He then exclaimed, “But those guys are on drugs!” and hung up in my ear.

2 thoughts on “But Those Guys Are On Drugs!

  1. ha, thats funny,
    i bet you get alot of calls from people trying to sell Wayne Newton records,
    the people who aggravate me are the ones who insist there records are worth
    thousands of dollars when there usually basic stuff you see everywhere for a buck sitting for years.

    • I can usually get potential sellers to see what I’m interested in if they come into the store and see ten thousand records and then explain that I need better records than the ones I already have.